/ Overview

The exciting, exclusive events to launch the Ciesco 2016 Global M&A Review took place end January and early February in both London and Amsterdam, gathering over 150 leading and influential figures from the wider industry. The key objective of the event was to tell the story about the year gone by and what to look out for in the future across the category and market sectors.

/ Presentations

One of the most powerful presentations of the event was given by Willlem, CEO of Havas Lemz. Lemz, one of the most awarded agencies in Europe, was acquired by Havas Group in November 2016 [link]. Willem talked about the values driving Lemz while it was an independent agency and how these values had become even stronger since the acquisition. The focus of the agency is on creating meaningful and impactful work. One of their most significant and highly recognised and awarded works, the “Sweetie” campaign, built to eliminate web child sex abuse, is aimed not only at raising awareness but at catching and identifying predators and pressuring governments to take action. They choose ‘meaning over money’ and are using ‘creativity to build a better world’ – unsurprisingly they are now aiming at creating work which will potentially receive a Nobel Prize.

/ Recap

The amount of knowledge, insights and experiences – presented, shared and discussed – at the Ciesco Global M&A Review Launch Events in both London and Amsterdam is invaluable and inspiring, and we thank everyone who joined us – and also for the fantastic feedback that we have since received.