July, 2021

In 2021, Creative is King - Colin Wheeler featured in AdForum

Data and Creativity: Are they incongruous or intersectional? We spoke with Ciesco’s Colin Wheeler to explore.

In the past three years, across the buyer landscape, companies looking to acquire have focused on agencies with expertise in digital, tech, and data. Many of these buyers were playing catch-up, and all were looking to develop a better understanding of their consumers—specifically their wants, needs and buying habits. Using data and analytics, a brand can be more targeted in its marketing work, see what is having the desired effect and what isn’t, and change its strategy accordingly. Data gives you the power to stay abreast of changing consumer behavior in a marketplace in flux.

It is no surprise then, that buyers in recent years have been willing to pay top dollar to acquire these capabilities. Certainly, agencies with expertise in and a focus on data and analytics have been valued highly and have cost a great deal more than purely creative agencies. But this trend is changing. Buyers are now focusing on creative once again. Though it would not be true to say that they ever stopped paying attention to creative, there is no doubt that for a time it was considered secondary to digital and data, and that buyers are looking at it in a different light today.